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Home Gallery Dune2Dune 2012 Gallery

Dune2Dune 2012 Gallery

Dune2Dune 2012

Photos from Dune2Dune triathlon January 2012

[img src=]790Race Control / Finish
[img src=]470Start Line
Beach Start
[img src=]330Sart Line
Beach Start
[img src=]330Swim Lap 1
early on lap 1
[img src=]310Leaders
leading long course athletes
[img src=]330Swim Exit
swim exit
[img src=]260Swim Exit
[img src=]260Middle bunch
bunch of ahtletes in the middle
[img src=]250Secretary
the doc is back in action albeit briefly
[img src=]490Swim overview
[img src=]270The Ramp
it looks benign on this but the climb back to transition always feels steep as
[img src=]370The Scene
and what a scene
[img src=]330Transition
150 bikes
[img src=]300Race finish

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