Alex Scott Triathlon Series Race -2 2nd Jan 2011

The Bass Coast Triathlon Club’s Alex scott Triathlon Series Race 2 was held on Sunday 2nd Jan 2011. Weather conditions were perfect for racing. A slight chop on the Bay, slightly windy on the bike, not to hot on the run.
Before i give you a run down about race day we should thank the supporters and the Volenteers that provided a fantastic effort through the race. We had a number of local athletes that continues to give the BCB club support.

  • Sue Martin-Registration and support around finish area
  • Jarrad Martin-Registration and timing
  • Daniel Martin-Registration and Timing
  • Angus Hume-Transition Area
  • Lions Club -Transition
  • George Scott-Boat ramp intersection
  • Peter Hanley-Run course
  • Terry Thomas-Run course drink station
  • Robbie Tesoriero-Run course drink station
  • WLSC-Swim Safety
  • SES-Cycle course and emergency response

Race 2

Race 2 brought us great weather and great racing. With 45 competitors in the Short Course race and 10 Teams. The long course we had 58 competitors and 1 team.

Swim Long course athelete were off first and 20 min later the short course athletes were off to face the choppy seas of the Cape Paterson Bay. The Fast swimmers hit the water had and fast with arms and elbows fighting for the lead swim position. On Exiting the water the long course athletes were treated to a beach full of spectators clapping and giving the athletes support while they ran back into the water for another swim lap. Once the long course athletes headed back into the water the short course athletes headed out for a 1 lap 600m swim. As the athletes exit the water they were directed up the boat ramp to the swim bike transition area. The transition area is a very popular area for spectators with approx 100 spectators encouraging the athletes as they change from there wet suits to their bike helmets and bikes.

Cycle As all athletes headed out onto the cycle course, Monty Frankish lead the way with Magnus Michelsen chasing hard. With all the athletes out on the road, an emergecy call came through the SES incident controllers radio ( an athlete had fallen off his bike and requires first aid) The First aider was on the scene quickly to assist the athlete. The injured athlete reported that his tyre came off and he hit the road. With minor scratches the athlete was taken back to the WLSC for first aid treatment and could not continue the race. The rest of the athletes were working hard to ensure they put themselves into a good position for the run. With no other bike acidents. Short course athletes were finishing the bike leg and the long course athletes were directed to do another 20km lap on the bike. As the short course athletes finished the bike and entered the Bike to run transition area, hundreds of spectators lining surf parade and the boat ramp intersection gave the cyclists great support as they changed from there bike shoes to the running shoes.

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