Thank you very much to everyone who attended the “Keeping Kids on Track” Fun Run 2012. It would not have been possible without your presence.

Thank you also to elite athlete Susie Power who ran amongst the half marathoners and mentored athletes throughout the day.

A big thank you to our sponsors:

  • Ausworkwear  and Safety
  • CFMEU Community Support Group
  • Bass Coast Podiatry
  • Hotondo Homes
  • Bass Coast shire for their wonderful support.

Results are listed below:

Half Marathon (21.1kms)

Rank Athletes Name Time
1 Keith Colomb 1.25.11
2 Thierry Rolland 1.29.20
3 Christopher Scammell 1.31.13
4 Susie Power 1.32.15
5 Bill Windsor 1.33.59
6 Sarah Donohue 1.36.59
7 Davin Field 1.36.59
8 Anna Kentwell 1.37.33
9 Richard Kentwell 1.37.46
10 Michael McCoy 1.42.27
11 Kristen Harris 1.44.45
12 Darren Jepsen 1.44.56
13 Danielle Crestani 1.52.38
14 Emma Plumb 1.53.29
15 Jane Alldis 2.03.01
16 Jade Cranton 2.05.08


Rank Athletes Name Time
1 Dean Langford 1.10.46
2 Ashley Heap 1.13.41
3 Kate Kilday 1.14.48
4 Rae Harris 1.15.08
5 Simon Harris 1.15.08
6 Linda Chisholm 1.16.18
7 Ross Harrison 1.42.06

10 Kms

Rank Athletes Name Time
1 Vaughn Hendricks 41.00
2 Imigen Langford 47.01
3 Emma Hill 48.38
4 Trudy Glasscock 49.59
5 Alycia Marotta 50.15
6 Mark Lindsay 51.33
7 Fiona Baldachino 53.13
8 Kirsty Harris 53.44
9 Garry Cross 54.05
10 Pip Cleeland 54.22
11 Caleb Brown 54.38
12 Caroline Field 54.48
13 Bridget O’Keefe 55.04
14 Sally Lowe 55.10
15 Janet Chambers 55.11
16 Lily Whitehouse 55.32
17 Mitchell Fallaw 1.01.52
18 Jon Fallaw 1.01.52
19 April Barlow 1.05.04
20 Annabelle Townsend 1.05.04
21 Peter Grixti 1.05.30
22 Mairin Hawker 1.07.51
23 Lyn Laughton 1.09.16
24 Tim Barlow 1.31.16
25 Nicole Tyson 1.44.05
26 Katrina Sheppard (8 Kms) 1.00.25

5Kms (Run/Walk)

Rank Athletes Name Time
1 Ben Rielly 36.07
2 Britt Thomas 36.31
3 Lily Geyle 36.56
4 Sandra Plumb 37.42
5 Hannah McCrae 37.50
6 Alana McCrae 37.50
7 Karen Davis 37.59
8 Isobel Cross 39.04
9 Shay Davis 39.13
10 Dylan Rielly 39.33
11 Macka Geyle 40.51
12 Tegan Lowe 41.00
13 Georgia Filippi 41.01
14 Hannah Kelly 41.02
15 Sam Hodgson 41.34
16 Bridget Lowe 41.40
17 Katelyn Hollins 41.41
Rank Athletes Name (5Kms Run/Walk continues) Time
18 Alysha Scammell 41.43
19 Jo Brusamarello 42.06
20 Jenny Hollins 42.13
21 Wes Maxwell 42.17
22 Val Mc Donald 42.36
23 Rhonda Magro 42.54
24 Louis Armstrong 43.00
25 Rikki Armstrong 43.00
26 Jackie Armstrong 43.01
27 Anna Kirk 43.23
28 Nicol David 43.54
29 Cassie Fallaw 44.02
30 Harriet Fallaw 44.13
31 Grace McCrae 44.52
32 Boyd Cross 44.56
33 Jade Ray-Angarane 45.09
34 Heidi Magro 45.11
35 Daisy Filippi 45.11
36 Danielle Mandjian 45.18
37 Leon Mandjian 45.34
38 Gayle Bloch 46.19
39 Vanessa Turner 47.33
40 Callan Hollins 48.04
41 Matthew Lowe 48.07
42 Ryan Sparkes 48.10
43 Zoe Plumb 48.40
44 Nancy Crismanich 48.40
45 Darren Parker 48.42
46 Peter Ferguson 48.43
47 Brianna Magro 48.45
48 Mollie Bloch 48.45
49 Hannah Carew 48.48
50 Kaye Carew 48.48
51 Joanne Rolland 49.21
52 Sue Martin 49.22
53 Carolyn Thomas 49.24
54 Jenny McCrae 49.25
55 Maddi Carew 49.49
56 Elise Bainbridge 49.49
57 Alison Brown 50.25
58 Stephanie Laughton 51.52
59 Jeff Laughton 52.26
60 Caitlin Laughton 52.30
61 Rylen Cranton 52.36
62 Daniel Cranton 52.36
63 Jacki Butterfield 52.44
64 Emma Morton 54.01
65 Vicki Engel 54.02
66 Rebecca Hayward 57.00

3Kms (Run/Walk)

Rank Athletes Name Time
1 Ed Beisher 15.19
2 Alex Maxwell 15.31
3 Patrick Ryan 15.48
4 William Clarkson 16.16
5 Richard Clarkson 16.26
6 Elly Wingfield 16.30
7 Toby Heislers 16.34
8 Ben Beisher 16.35
9 Ben Wingfield 16.50
10 Rohan Slade 17.57
11 Elizabeth Mulqueeny 18.25
12 Finn Gleeson 19.11
13 Luca Gleeson 20.24
14 Kym Brusamarello 20.28
15 Anne Gleeson 20.32
16 William Steevens 20.33
17 Molli Brusamarello 21.06
18 Matthew Sheppard 22.13
19 Oscar Hollins 22.22
20 Michael Sheppard 23.26
21 Tess Wingfield 23.52
22 James Bremner 25.58
23 Shana Bremner 25.58
24 Tiffany Dell 29.08
25 Shirley Dell 29.13
26 Greg Dell 29.13
27 Grace Steevens 30.53
28 Kylie Steevens 30.54
29 Sue Turville 31.30
30 Cheryl Carr 35.23
31 Child Carr 35.26
32 Gemma Dellamina & 2 toddlers 36.27
33 Jen Lawler 36.28
34 Everett O’Keeffe 37.51
35 Savannah O’Keeffe 37.51
36 Marasai O’Keeffe 37.51
37 Gerard Munnink 37.51
38 Sadie Plumb 42.18
39 Steve Hardy 42.19
40 Grenen Thomas 42.19


Thanks again for your wonderful support, we hope to see you back on the “Trail” next year.

“Keep on Track”

KKoT Committee


Wow! What a fantastic day! Congradulations to all the athletes who competed today, of all distances and ages, you made the event a success! I hope it really was a ‘fun’ run, that you were able to check out the view from the rail trail along the way, and that you will be back next year! I wish to thank all the volunteers, helpers, parents, sporting clubs manning drink stations, BCB members,and the sponsors.  Major sponsors that have made this event possible are David and Cath Weekes of Ausworkwear & Safety Pty Ltd Wonthaggi, CFMEU Community Support Group – Construction and General Division Victorian Branch, Luke Zoanetti of Bass Coast Podiatry, Cheryl Carr of Hotondo Homes Phillip Island, Caroline Allen of Hotondo Homes Inverloch, Abicor Southern and Bass Coast Shire Council. Our funrun ambassador, Susie Power, was wonderful running with our athletes in the 21.1km and 15km events, providing advice, support and inspiration as she moved effortlessly amongst them along the rail trail. I also wish to thank the Kongor School Support Group for selling sausages and refreshments to all after the race to continue their very worthwhile fundraising efforts towards building a school in South Sudan, as well as to the local schools for their support of the event, in memory of Lesley McKay. Lastly, to Debbie Rielly , Terra Plumb , and Vaughn Hendricks, whose hard work has made the event possible. To all involved, we would love to hear your feedback so we can improve on things for next time; thanks for your support!  Keeping running, Louise.


The keeping kids on track fun run will take place on the 17th March 2012.

The 2012 ‘Keeping Kids On Track’ Fun Run has been created to give an awareness of the spectacular Rail Trail between Kilcunda and Wonthaggi, and the stunning features along its path within the Bass Coast Shire, including the pristine waters, the rugged coastline, the Desalination Plant and the Wind Towers.

The Bass Coast Triathlon Club in conjunction with other local groups have endeavoured to create an event which includes competitors of various ages and abilities by offering various distances, and we encourage participation from both locals and visitors alike.

It is a fundraising event in memory of Leslie McKay, a highly regarded mentor of youth and a fine advocate for reaching beyond our boundaries. Leslie herself was an avid runner, remembering her efforts in a recent Half Marathon and her passion to continue despite obstacles was an inspiration to an event with the emphasis on FUN!!

Leslie was also heavily involved in the nurturing of our youth and education and would support the funds from this memorial event to be put back in to the youth and education.

The ‘Keeping Kids On Track’ Fun Run is set to be the first of many for years to come. So let’s get this event out there, let’s make Leslie and many like her proud. Even if you are not a runner, it might be time to step outside your comfort zone, let’s have a crack and ‘Keep Kid’s On Track’!

Entry form

8am – 21.1km (half marathon)
8.30am – 15km run
9am – 10km run
9.30am – 5km run/walk
9.45am – 3km run/walk

The Start/Finish line will be located at the entrance to the Rail Trail from the carpark in Kilcunda (next to caravan park / public BBQs / park). You will run over the bridge, and continue towards Wonthaggi to your turn-around sign according to what distance you have chosen.

When filling out entry form, please add your T-shirt size (unisex Tshirts, sizes XS to XXXL). T-shirt is included in entry cost.

You can direct debit entry fees: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd, Wonthaggi – Bass Coast Triathlon Club, Account # 145404364 , BSB 633000.  Post entry form to: FUNRUN, 3 Delmarni Crt, Wonthaggi, 3995.

If writing a cheque to enter, please ensure you make it out to BASS COAST TRIATHLON CLUB ; NOT Keeping Kids On Track. Thankyou


24 thoughts on “Keeping Kids on Track Fun Run

  1. Thank you once again to the organizers, participants and audience for very successful, enjoyable day. Thank you to the band for the irresistible dancing music. Most oaf all thank you for sharing part of the profits with the ongoing Kongor project, in South Sudan. Please see:

  2. What a great day, well run and can’t wait for next year. We had 3 generations from my family running, and hope to keep that going for a few more years

  3. Hi Louise,

    Just saw the event.

    Where do I get the entry forms from, how much is the event and can I enter on the day? Sorry if you have posted this info elsewhere.

    • Hi Graham,
      The entry form is above, just above the starting times for the funrun. You can enter on the day, so print out the entry form, add your Tshirt size, and bring it along with $25 cash if you are entering 3km, 5km or 10km, and $35 cash for 15km or 21.1km (Tshirt included in entry cost). This is the first year of this event so we thank you for your support, and please tell all your running friends!
      See you on saturday,

    • Yes, Tshirts will be distributed on the day, 1st in best dressed, so please add your Tshirt size to the entry form when you send it in, and we will put aside the appropriate size for you. Hope you enjoy the day, Louise

  4. If writing a cheque for entry, PLEASE ensure it is made out to BASS COAST TRIATHLON CLUB , NOT Keeping Kids On Track. THANKYOU!

  5. Finally have account set up, so you can direct debit entry fees and post entry form: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd, Wonthaggi – Bass Coast Triathlon Club, Account # 145404364 , BSB 633000. I hope that makes it easier!
    Entry form please send to: FUNRUN, 3 Delmarni Court, Wonthaggi, 3995.

  6. To the runners who plan on tackling the 15km and 21.1km distances, we will supply Powerade at the appropriate drink stations. For shorter distances drink stations will supply water, as well as water at the start/finish line.

    • Hi Kirsty, The start of the funrun will be located in Kilcunda, in the beach carpark up near the park/BBQ facilities. I will be putting a map on this website soon. Hope you enjoy the day, Louise

      • Thanks, a 21k and a 10k entry coming your way! Hope we aren’t too late to get the form to you. See you Saturday

        • Looking forward to seeing you there; the weather forcast is perfect for running – 22 degrees, partly cloudy… let’s hope they get it right!!

    • Starting times are: half marathon 8am, 15km – 8.30am, 10km – 9am, 5km walk/run 9.30am, 3km walk/run 9.45am. Times of the walk/run may vary slightly depending on numbers, but only by 15 minutes or so. Check out facebook page where there are more details: Keeping Kids On Track FUNRUN, or send me a friend request (Louise O’Keeffe) and I will send you the link. Any further questions, feel free to contact me directly 0421969360. Sorry for late reply, best of luck on the day!

      • Hi Louise , you may need to make the start times/ meeting place a little bit clearer on the website rather than people having to read the bloggs to find the answer Cheers

        • Thanks Brian, I completely agree and have fixed it, but am struggling to re-align the map so it doesn’t cover up half the logo… computers aren’t my forte! See you on Saturday, Louise

  7. T-shirt is included in entry fee, please add Tshirt size on your entry form – unisex, sizes XS – XXXL. Entries received 2 weeks prior to the day will be assured of a Tshirt in the correct size, so please get your entries in ASAP!

      • Yes, if you must pay in cash, you could leave the entry form and cash in an envelope attention: Louise, FUNRUN, at the Amcal Pharmacy in Wonthaggi, and please send me a text (0421969360) to let me know so I can pick it up. We should have direct debit details soon also if that helps. Sorry for late reply, Louise

  8. My gratitude to the organizers of the ‘Keeping Kids On Track’ for promoting children’s health while sharing the proceeds with some of the poorest children in the world. Some of the proceeds of this funrun will go towards building a school for the 1,612 girls and boys in Kongor, South Sudan, who at present learn under trees with few resources.

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