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The 2013 ‘Keeping Kids On Track’ Fun Run has been created to give an awareness of the spectacular Rail Trail between Kilcunda and Wonthaggi, and the stunning features along its path within the Bass Coast Shire, including the pristine waters, the rugged coastline, the Desalination Plant and the Wind Towers.

The Bass Coast Triathlon Club in conjunction with other local groups have endeavoured to create an event which includes competitors of various ages and abilities by offering various distances, and we encourage participation from both locals and visitors alike.

It is a fundraising event in memory of Leslie McKay, a highly regarded mentor of youth and a fine advocate for reaching beyond our boundaries. Leslie herself was an avid runner, remembering her efforts in a recent Half Marathon and her passion to continue despite obstacles was an inspiration to an event with the emphasis on FUN!!

Leslie was also heavily involved in the nurturing of our youth and education and would support the funds from this memorial event to be put back in to the youth and education.

The ‘Keeping Kids On Track’ Fun Run is set to be the first of many for years to come. So let’s get this event out there, let’s make Leslie and many like her proud. Even if you are not a runner, it might be time to step outside your comfort zone, let’s have a crack and ‘Keep Kid’s On Track’!

8am – 21.1km (half marathon)
8.30am – 15km run
9am – 10km run
9.30am – 5km run/walk
9.45am – 3km run/walk

The Start/Finish line will be located at the entrance to the Rail Trail from the carpark in Kilcunda (next to caravan park / public BBQs / park). You will run over the bridge, and continue towards Wonthaggi to your turn-around sign according to what distance you have chosen.

When filling out entry form, please add your T-shirt size (male and female Tshirts, sizes XS to XXXL/8 – 16). T-shirt is included in entry cost for the half marathon and 15km events. May be ordered for other distances.


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10 thoughts on “Kids on Track Fun Run 2013

  1. Hi guys.
    Thanks for organising a great event today. I really enjoyed doing the 10km run along a great stretch of Australian coastline. The highlight though was Deb & friend belting out a Melissa Etheridge number.


  2. registration is open at 7am but what time does it close. i am coming from Melb in the morning to hopefully do the 10km. So can i get there and register at 8.30?


    • Hi Derek, The 10km run is scheduled to commence at 9am and so you can register right up until this time. We strongly suggest you enter online before tomorrow evening though if possible. If you are travelling up on the morning, as you could imagine registration can be chaotic just before the commencement of each race so definitely try not to arrive any later than 8.30!

  3. Can a person on a mobility scooter do the 5 k walk with a person who is registered to walk? (Of cours the entry fee will be paid)

    thanks, Linda

  4. Great event. Did it last year and would highly recommend it. Tough run if windy and the rise to the bridge on the way home definitely takes it out of you. This year, I will be running for Glenys and Sylvie.

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