3 thoughts on “Anderson Inlet Twilight Triathlon Results

  1. Hey Rick,
    Phil and I have too much mutual respect to claim that we beat one another … but one of us has to cross the finishing line first. What about shifting the focus on the Whitehouse/Martin ‘derby’ given that you are both in the same age group, or maybe consider the ‘Battle of the Frogs’ between the ‘Playboy Frog’ and the ‘Arrogant Frog’? 🙂

    • Well I just call it as I see it . The Martin / Whitehouse battle has of course
      been a foregone conclusion over that 2 years though the gap has just
      closed by about 3 minutes. Of course I would have to ask who is the
      ” arrogant frog” .

      • As I am getting close to 50, my ‘Playboy” days are over. So I guess that I will have to stick with the ‘Arrogant’ (that’s my middle name) frog.

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