Wow! Fantastic turn-out, just shy of 500 participants! On behalf of the
KEEPING KIDS ON TRACK FUNRUN organisers, Debbie Rielly , Theresita Marie Plumb
and Vaughn Hendricks , I wish to thank you all for attending and making today
a great success! Even the weather could not have been more perfect! To the
volunteers (registration, drink stations, start/finish line), sponsors, band,
and other organisations involved, you made the day. To the athletes, your
enthusiasm and effort was inspiring for all along the sidelines. The
atmosphere was electric, T-shirts looked impressive and thank you all for
supporting the charities involved – ‘Keeping Kids On Track’ – support for
local children in the Bass Coast for opportunities in sport and education, and
the ‘Kongor School Support Group’ – building a school in South Sudan. To
people who travelled from Melbourne to be with us, we hope you enjoyed the
scenery along the rail-trail, the magical coastline and the sound of waves in
the background…
This event was first held in 2012 in memory of Leslie McKay, a highly regarded
mentor of youth and a fine advocate for reaching beyond our boundaries. Leslie
herself was a runner, completing a half marathon, and she was also heavily
involved in the nurturing of our youth and so would support the funds from
this event being put back in to youth and education.
To our event ambassador, Magnus, we express our sincere thanks for your
commitment to attend today and putting on such a brave face despite the
challenges you faced this morning. We hope you recover quickly and completely,
and would love to see you compete in the future.
It was so exciting to see how many hands were raised when we asked the crowd
how many competitors where competing in their FIRST EVER funrun, so we truly
hope you enjoyed the experience enough to continue setting fitness goals for
yourself and participating again in the future. To all the parents who got out
there and completed a run alongside their children, it was great to see you
all having fun together.
Keep running, enjoy our beautiful rail trail because it is there for us all to
use, stay fit & healthy and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.
Louise O'Keeffe xx



8 thoughts on “Kids on Track Fun Run Report 2013

  1. Hi i was just curios, what does u der review mean? It’s next to my name? Also will all the photos be posted on this website?

    • Well it is likely that the competitors that placed 5th to 9th in the 15k missed a 700m section , we know the competitor placing 9th missed it and can be fairly certain the competitor placing 5th missed , of course if you didn’t it is likely you should have been awarded a win the girls section .
      Photos are coming

  2. What a great event Highly organized with a whole bunch of volunteers Great community support congrats to all behind the scene that made this work We will return with friends from Melbourne I travelled 3 hours to get there and it was totally worth it

    • Hi Gary, We are so glad you enjoyed the day, and for you to travel 3 hours to be there, well it is even more important that you enjoyed yourself! It is only the second year of the event so we are happy to receive feedback on how we can improve it, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

    • Results are up!
      With the 5K & 10K times there are some very dubious results (6 world records in fact) so they have been included, but with ALLEGED times at the bottom of the page.
      These people either didn’t cover the distance or went in a different wave than they were supposed to.

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