Memo to all Bass Coast Barracuda’s:

 I am aware that the tri club don’t really compete much over the Winter and i would like to bring your attention to a couple of running groups to keep you fit over the Winter.

The Bass Coast Runners is a social running group of around 100 locals of various abilities who have an organised run of between 2KM up to 40KM each Sunday starting at 10.30am. It is not a competition but a running support group aimed at encouraging, supporting and improving the running abilities of all involved. The bass Coast Runners would be a good training environment for any triathlete.

South Coast Athletics is looking for Men, Women & Children to join them

in the 2015 XCR Series. The XCR series would be a great competition for triathletes to hone and improve their running over the Winter.

We take runners of any ability: from sub 3 minute Km runners up to 7 minute Km runners. Everyone will be competitive as the races are all graded.

The series is made up of 3 Cross Country races, 3 Road Races, 2 Cross

Country Relays and 2 Road Race relays. You don’t have to commit to every

race, you can elect to do only the ones that appeal to you.

It is a strong competition and there is no better training than good competition.

Running is primarily an individual past-time but the Team running element adds a new

dimension to your running. Interested or curious runners should contact Steve Plumb on 56724299 or

for further information.


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