DSCF8085.JPGHey guys an awesome effort by Jenny Merrick to get a few girls together for a swimming workshop with Dylan and myself.
Dylan did an excellent job with the bulk of the group, concentrating on stroke form, kick and balance.
below is a set of drills to concentrate on
Length of stroke and strokes per lap (consistency)
Long Dog paddle – underwater stroke
1 Arm Freestyle
Kick also plays an important role with focus on
Using Glutes
Flexibility in ankles (use fins for 50% of training)
Working on 2 and 6 beat kick
other tips are
Torpedo for first 5-10 metres of lap to ensure good body position and then propel forward with stroke
Keep your elbows high for recovery
Using finger tip drag
With less than 6 weeks until our first Tri we need to get in the pool and sharpen up our style, so heres a pool session if you are training for a sprint distance.
W/U – 250m easy concentrating on long strokes and high elbow
4 x 50(fins) high elbow with fingertip drags (as your hand slides into the water imagine you have a hole in your middle finger and your whole arm slides through the hole to the end of the pool. this will lengthen your stroke)
4 x 50(fins) switch kick alternating sides
2  x 100(fins) swim solid
2 x 100 swim easy (counting strokes)
4 x 50 long Dog Paddle
8 x 25 alternate FS sprints/polo  (getting out of pool end, not ladder after each lap walking to the other end)
Cool Down – 200 easy
Finish with 2-4 x lung busters (see how far underwater you can go per lap)
Walk up and down in pool

see you in the pool

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  1. Thanks Deb yes so many drills for technique involved with swimming. Saturday was swim clinic was to build confidence for in the swim leg for newbies Thanks Jenny

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