June Newsletter

Following the end of the triathlon series members have been involved in various other events . The secretary continues with his penchant for off road multisport events and13198448_1166626816710280_6773553655527469056_o conned the vice president into competing at the adventurethon held by adventure junkies at Lysterfield . Their pre race preparation consisted of a paddle in a rather large fishing kayak in a howling gale on Lysterfield Lake , moving backwards with the wind faster than they can paddle and a quick ride round the mtb tracks . The adventure races are little different to triathlon in that you have to navigate and there is no marked course . After deciding go right on the paddle leg the Barracuda team had an early lead among those that took that route but soon lost ground due to Gav’s paddle being round the wrong way . The next leg was basically a run around the Lake which saw the Barracudas gain ground and be up with leading female teams . Now Rick knew that these girls could navigate and suggested that they should stick with them on the MTB leg . So that was the plan and it appeared to be working .. until Gav dropped the map . The Barracudas arrived at the midway point of the mtb in time to do the extra optional checkpoints of the trekking leg . Some of these optional checkpoint were very difficult to find and should have been worth more than the 20 minutes allotted for them . Trekking with another male team they were able to combine forces and find all the checkpoints . Losing touch with the other team on the MTB to the finish resulted in a significant navigational error which had the Barracudas unnecessarily climbing a very signifcant hill. Once back on course the rest was relatively straightforward although the last checkpoint was in a drain which you had to crawl into. On finishing we they were met with comments of “what happened to you guys you get lost or something . The Barracudas  finished 14 th in the all male category , and were one of only 17 out of 72 competitors to get all checkpoints -> Website  -> Results

13329447_1013936525383196_1551639880770307667_o Rick and Wayne took on the dirty duathlon at the You Yangs . The race consisted of a 4 km trail run followed by an 18 km mtb and concluding with a 4 km run . The pair did well in their first attempt at this discipline . It was noted the Wayne , using platforms rather than clip ins on the bike went past Rick in transition . Wayne was seen out on the MTB course readjusting his race number which was on a race belt that Rick had given him to use that morning ! The tracks on that portion of the You Yangs a very beginner friendly for those wanting to have a go, there being 2 more races in the series the next on July 3  . Website Results

For those looking for training options , remember Inverloch Park Run on Saturday mornings or those looking to race on the bike join Gav , Brett et al at Leongatha Cycling Club

If you’re looking for a running group look up the Wonthaggi Road Runners on facebook . No doubt in the near future there will be an announcement on the AGM and presentation night .