Winter Duathlon Series

A Duathlon series will  be held during the winter of 2012 .

August 19th – Kilcunda 0930
650m beach/stairs run , 16.5km offroad bike , 5km off road run
October 14th or 21st  ( to be confirmed )

These will be open to members only , and renewal of your membership is now due , and can be paid online via -> RegisterNow.
The sites are to be confirmed but one will be an offroad event at Kilcunda , and others will be at Inverloch.

The Alex Scott Series will run again this summer
December 2nd at Inverloch .
December 30th Cape Paterson
March 3rd at Inverloch.

The BassCoast Cycle challenge will be held on 17th November

The Keeping Kids on Track fun will be held on 16th March .

Debs spinathon and fundraiser for the Australian cancer foundation is on 7th July -: Click for more .

Dirt Master 2012

Held at Novatel Resort Creswick on their 18 hole golf course.
The Dirt Master Consists of-

  • Off road Triathlon 500/24/8
  • Trail run 8km
  • Mtb race 45km

Saturday morning we line up for the Triathlon. A 500m swim consisted of two laps of a dam which turned out to be warmer than the outside tempurature. A short run across the grass to transition and on to the Mtb for three laps of the 8km track which criss-crossed the golf corse. Imight just add that the half of the golf course we were on was shut for the weekend. The Mtb was genrally fast and flowing with a few tight sections where you couldn’t pass easily. However, there were plenty of  short sharp up hills and if you were any good at climbing you could make up plenty of time there. The run was up-hill past the finishing chute across the practice fairway and out in to the pine plantation for two 4km laps before the down hill run to the finish line. 2:18.52

Saturday afternoon saw us lining up for an 8km trail run which followed the mtb course from the morning. 39:40

Sunday morning, I wasn’t feeling as fresh as I have by now done a triathlon and a trail run. We lined up our bikes at the mtb track then went back to the start finish line. A 200m run to the bikes then it was up the hill for the first lap of the same mtb track as the day before. 45km later with a sprint finish and the Dirtmaster was complete. 2:37.19

Total time for 3 events 5:35.51 and 11 place over all

If you ever get bored of the black stuff get off road and have some fun in the dirt. Chris Baillie