Open water swim

There is no excuses now guys, the water is BEAUTIFUL after the initial face dip. Let the open water sessions begin!

Debbie Rielly, Gavin Slavin, Jenny Hollins, Brett Franklin and Ian Dorrity all swam at 12.30 at Anderson’s Inlet. Rick wasss maybeee keen but on call.

Lets do it again next Sunday 8th Nov. at 12.30. meet at the jetty.

If you are planning a swim at the Inlet, post it or sms members.

Swim Training

DSCF8085.JPGHey guys an awesome effort by Jenny Merrick to get a few girls together for a swimming workshop with Dylan and myself.
Dylan did an excellent job with the bulk of the group, concentrating on stroke form, kick and balance.
below is a set of drills to concentrate on
Length of stroke and strokes per lap (consistency)
Long Dog paddle – underwater stroke
1 Arm Freestyle
Kick also plays an important role with focus on
Using Glutes
Flexibility in ankles (use fins for 50% of training)
Working on 2 and 6 beat kick
other tips are
Torpedo for first 5-10 metres of lap to ensure good body position and then propel forward with stroke
Keep your elbows high for recovery
Using finger tip drag
With less than 6 weeks until our first Tri we need to get in the pool and sharpen up our style, so heres a pool session if you are training for a sprint distance.
W/U – 250m easy concentrating on long strokes and high elbow
4 x 50(fins) high elbow with fingertip drags (as your hand slides into the water imagine you have a hole in your middle finger and your whole arm slides through the hole to the end of the pool. this will lengthen your stroke)
4 x 50(fins) switch kick alternating sides
2  x 100(fins) swim solid
2 x 100 swim easy (counting strokes)
4 x 50 long Dog Paddle
8 x 25 alternate FS sprints/polo  (getting out of pool end, not ladder after each lap walking to the other end)
Cool Down – 200 easy
Finish with 2-4 x lung busters (see how far underwater you can go per lap)
Walk up and down in pool

see you in the pool

Kids on Track Fun Run 2013

2013 Report & Results->

The 2013 ‘Keeping Kids On Track’ Fun Run has been created to give an awareness of the spectacular Rail Trail between Kilcunda and Wonthaggi, and the stunning features along its path within the Bass Coast Shire, including the pristine waters, the rugged coastline, the Desalination Plant and the Wind Towers.

The Bass Coast Triathlon Club in conjunction with other local groups have endeavoured to create an event which includes competitors of various ages and abilities by offering various distances, and we encourage participation from both locals and visitors alike.

It is a fundraising event in memory of Leslie McKay, a highly regarded mentor of youth and a fine advocate for reaching beyond our boundaries. Leslie herself was an avid runner, remembering her efforts in a recent Half Marathon and her passion to continue despite obstacles was an inspiration to an event with the emphasis on FUN!!

Leslie was also heavily involved in the nurturing of our youth and education and would support the funds from this memorial event to be put back in to the youth and education.

The ‘Keeping Kids On Track’ Fun Run is set to be the first of many for years to come. So let’s get this event out there, let’s make Leslie and many like her proud. Even if you are not a runner, it might be time to step outside your comfort zone, let’s have a crack and ‘Keep Kid’s On Track’!

8am – 21.1km (half marathon)
8.30am – 15km run
9am – 10km run
9.30am – 5km run/walk
9.45am – 3km run/walk

The Start/Finish line will be located at the entrance to the Rail Trail from the carpark in Kilcunda (next to caravan park / public BBQs / park). You will run over the bridge, and continue towards Wonthaggi to your turn-around sign according to what distance you have chosen.

When filling out entry form, please add your T-shirt size (male and female Tshirts, sizes XS to XXXL/8 – 16). T-shirt is included in entry cost for the half marathon and 15km events. May be ordered for other distances.


2012 Event and Results

2012 Gallery

November Update


A small school of Barracudas ventured to Shepparton to compete in the annual Half
Ironman event. Cameron Wright and Raeleigh Harris at home in the water smashed
through the 1.9km swim to put them with the leaders to mount their trusty steads to
tackle the 90km bike ride, on the flat but windy cyle course. With a podium in mind
Raleigh dismounted her bike to blow her competitors away with an amazing 21.1km run
to take third in her age. Only a technical penalty stopped her from breaking the
5hr mark.

With a blistering swim, the big ex Bulldogs player was like a Silver streak on the
bike only to dismount and begin the gruelling Half marathon with bone on bone knee
joints and gorilla cramps from lack of run training, both taking their toll with Cam
hopping on one leg to complete the Half Ironman triathlon.

Shepparton being a popular race of the triathlon season it was a great oportunity
for the Barracudas to warm up for the first tri of the Alex Scott & Staff Bass Coast
Triathlon series to be held at Inverloch on Sunday 2nd December.